During the mid-second warIM STILL DEAD had arrived. Even before IM STILL DEAD, there was Jareck*sss. The two are copies of IM STILL ALIVE and Jareck.smith. Though they are called "copies", they have nothing in common about the two. There are only two known clones out there during the wars.

When asked about the copies, it was said from a user that "everyone has an opposite". Everyone being whoever was supporting the Venkons. Something about this was mentioned that there wasn't just ISD and Jareck*sss. There were more, but never seen. It's not even known if they've continued using them or making them. 

The purpose was to study. If not, to build a corrupt version of any user. No matter if the user was known to have a bad reputation, their copy would just be much worse. The behavior wouldn't matter from user to clone. If the user existed, their copy is just so much worse. 

No clones have been seen since IM STILL DEAD came and left.

Update 10:23 PM:

I may be wrong...

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