~ThE MaNY Ey3d has gone to battle~

8:47 Valkryie247: Welp

8:47 BlackSmithy: cy@

8:47 Shystar500: Ah shit

8:47 Valkryie247: Rest in peace.

8:47 CreatorMystic: What just happened

8:47 Shystar500: I didn't even do anything

8:47 BlackSmithy: And now we wait?



8:47 Terrios528: well that happened

8:48 Valkryie247: piece of jUnK

8:48 BlackSmithy: Even I can't begin to comprehend -Amb

8:48 IM STILL ALIVE: someone needs

8:48 BlackSmithy: Amb is not on top

8:48 Terrios528: that the Ivichs were ruled by a group of people?


fix the fucker


8:48 Valkryie247: I wonder if "Many" is the official name they go by.

8:48 Eyeless Jack: To me

8:48 CreatorMystic: Nikki send me a message on Skype if they come back cause I gotta hide kindle

8:48 Shystar500: We all will

8:48 Eyeless Jack: It appears

8:48 Terrios528: The Many

8:48 Valkryie247: that's

8:48 Terrios528: seems like Anonymous

8:48 Valkryie247: vague

8:48 BlackSmithy: THE WIKIA PAGES

8:48 Valkryie247: ?

8:48 BlackSmithy: We gotta fix them fml

8:48 CreatorMystic: This is the first time iv actually seen a hacker so

8:48 IM STILL ALIVE: smithy

8:48 Eyeless Jack: That "him and "The Many" are different then Amb and the Ivichs

8:49 CreatorMystic: And what about the pages?

8:49 Terrios528: wait


8:49 IM STILL ALIVE: we wont fix them till later

8:49 Terrios528: we got a fucking

8:49 Valkryie247: So there's two groups

8:49 CreatorMystic: t

8:49 Terrios528: yeah

8:49 Valkryie247: ^?

8:49 Terrios528: Two groups

8:49 BlackSmithy: Two groups

8:49 CreatorMystic: ?

8:49 Valkryie247: Ivichs and the Many?

8:49 IM STILL ALIVE: wait

8:49 CreatorMystic: Ok ignotedm

8:49 Valkryie247: That's just dandy

8:49 IM STILL ALIVE: do you think it was caused by Ragnar?

8:49 Terrios528: It's possible

8:49 BlackSmithy: Huh?

8:49 CreatorMystic: I'm ignored*

And laggy

8:49 BlackSmithy: What did he do?

8:49 Terrios528: remember how there was rebellions going on?

those people who rebelled probably left

and made The Many

8:50 BlackSmithy: So this is a new thing?

8:50 Valkryie247: Great

8:50 BlackSmithy: Not a loop thing?

8:50 Terrios528: idk

8:50 Valkryie247: No idea

8:51 BlackSmithy: The Many

Do you have any memories, Terri?

8:51 Terrios528: he's not here atm


it isn't

"The Many"



8:51 Eyeless Jack: adding pages

8:51 Valkryie247: Oh wait

8:51 CreatorMystic: FUCK

8:51 Valkryie247: oh right

8:51 CreatorMystic: 19%

-Lost bit?-

8:52 Terrios528: the people who made the original clones

8:52 CreatorMystic: A

8:52 Terrios528: left

8:52 CreatorMystic: T

8:52 BlackSmithy: Then who's making these---

8:52 CreatorMystic: ?

8:52 Terrios528: That would mean X is a Many too

8:52 Shystar500: God fucking dammit chat

8:52 CreatorMystic: I'm

8:52 Terrios528: I think

8:53 BlackSmithy: Weren't there two?

8:53 Eyeless Jack: Someone may have perfected (use the term loosely) cloning

8:53 CreatorMystic: Confused

8:53 BlackSmithy: Two many accounts?

-More lost chunks-

8:54 Terrios528: explain later

8:54 Eyeless Jack: Terri

8:54 BlackSmithy: Terri, look up "The many"

8:54 CreatorMystic: -_-

8:54 Eyeless Jack: I don't think he's dead

8:54 BlackSmithy: There were 2

8:54 Valkryie247: Temporarily dead or permanent?

8:54 BlackSmithy: Organics failing?

8:54 Eyeless Jack: I think his organic tissue decomposed and he was forced into his chip

8:54 BlackSmithy: ^^^

8:54 CreatorMystic: *hides in corner*

8:54 Eyeless Jack: Let me enlighten you on something Nicole and I have been speaking about

8:54 CreatorMystic: Fuck it

8:55 Eyeless Jack: I'm assuming most of you have read my perspective?

8:55 Valkryie247: I have.

8:55 BlackSmithy: Yes

8:55 CreatorMystic: ....

8:55 Shystar500: Aye

8:55 CreatorMystic: ..


8:55 Eyeless Jack: Then you would know I worked with the Ivichs for a brief moment

8:55 CreatorMystic: Still want to know about the clone thing

8:55 Eyeless Jack: What tech and blueprints I did not successfully steal back were sent away

inthose included AI chips

It was still alpha testing but I was told it was all that was needed

after given the tech to work on it

8:56 CreatorMystic: ..........

8:56 Eyeless Jack: They may have created a way to implant AI chips into a body much like

a brain

8:56 CreatorMystic: O.....k...

8:57 IM STILL ALIVE: so like a robotic possession?


8:58 CreatorMystic: me no likely

8:58 Valkrie247: on another note, did anyone log that whole fiasco?

8:58 CreatorMystic: Nope

8:58 BlackSmithy: We got it all here- demons, clones, and killer robots

8:58 CreatorMystic: I can't really on kindle

8:58 Horizons are Limited: 10/10 i got it