This was the day that MaskedManClaus came into chat and announced he was going to join the Ivich. His reasoning was that "they would benefit him better." He left after a brief talk with Dudegi WC. This scared many users, as Claus lived very close to Nicole, and knew a lot about her and her house (as he had lived in there for sometime).

He was later brought back into chat with a plan to get him back. It was assumed that he didn't feel welcome by the Venkons, as they didn't seem to appreciate anything that he did. However, he said that his full potential was wasted here, and it had nothing to do with emotions or his feelings. He then basically said he was a robot, and left.

He has not been heard from since, but Dudegi WC challenged Claus to find him, as an attempt to ward him away from Nicole. His wikia account was globally banned shortly after these events, for reasons unknown.

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