January 2016:

  • Nothing for January 2016 was eventful enough to note here.

February 2016:

  • Ambrose comes back after his long absence.
  • Eyeless Jack comes back to own up to what he did and do his all to fix it.
  • MaskedManClaus "betrays" the Venkons to serve the Ivichs.

March 2016:

  • Insane Black Star conflict.
  • Leapord tries coming back.
  • Spike The Venkon conflict.
  • Video 5/2/15 is unable to be recovered.

April 2016:

  • Spike The Venkon conflict continues.
  • Insane Black Star debunked.
  • Hallowed424 joins.
  • Communications with Ambrose still failing.

May 2016:

  • Spirit Dark Dragon joins.
  • A chat with Kalasta is recovered.
  • BloomRocks! returns after nearly 2 years of silence.

June 2016: 

  • List of Missing Users is added to greatly.

July 2016:

  • UlteriorLex.
  • Still no response from Ambrose.
  • ItsTimeFor.
  • SanguineS is officially labeled a traitor.
  • Saved Skype of Wysteriaa and SanguineS is uploaded.
  • 2015 Chat recovered.
  • Saved Chat Ambrose Malachai uploaded.
  • More Kalasta related chats are found and uploaded.
  • VenkonViolence YouTube channel begins.
  • DEFAULT's Code found and translation is started.
  • BlackSmithy is introduced to the Wiki.
  • Shattered Promises take place.
  • Dudeguy WC is banned.
  • TheScarletDevil24 is banned.

August 2016:

  • BlackSmithy joins us and breaks after Ambrose's visit.
  • The mystery surrounding 19 begins to be looked into.
  • Ambrose returns with more to say than ever before.
  • All chats are logged.
  • Wysteriaa joins.
  • OcassionalLaughter joins.
  • Recovered Entries of the Old War from ISA are uploaded.

September 2016

  • Phases of users are looked at more and explained by their own pages.
  • The Forgotten War is struggled with.
  • Sanguine reveals he has a gift for us.
  • The fight with SanguineS continues.

October 2016:

  • Ragnar returns.
  • The clones are reactivated, X being the first to show.
  • Saved Chat 10/7/16 is uploaded.
  • Saved Chat 10/9/16 is uploaded where Ambrose returns to give orders to Ragnar.
  • AITSO is discovered to have some odd knowledge of the war.
  • The Many Eyed/Eyes clones are found by many.

November 2016:

  • Just editing.

December 2016:

  • YourBackup joins.
  • ThE MaNY Ey3d returns and the chat is uploaded (plus screenshots).
  • Another army is discovered. The Many. They are lead by someone they call "Him".
  • Ezra (Common Foundation) returns.
  • SanguineS hacks ISA.

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