"What's your opinion on the war?" -Jamie

3Jamie Fox3 is a user who, just like XxDawnShadowsxX, mysteriously found the HELPBEN Wiki through Community Central Wiki Chat. She said she did not come to fight with or against us, but rather question users on their thoughts of the war and the Wiki itself. She said that she was working for Wikia Staff and they needed a ranking on certain Wiki's to hold up. This is similar to what ??? was doing. The only difference is that ??? said it would be to keep the Wiki up. Jamie was doing it just for the sake of Wiki popularity that she claimed the staff was needing. Though this was 50/50 believable, we were still sketchy about her. However, users still responded honestly. There were many good remarks to hold it, so that's what was a boost factor of some sort. 

Later it turned out Jamie had a Wiki (which is now closed) known as the "Popularity Check Wiki". She had the Wiki much longer before the war happened, just without any work done on it. The only page to ever exist on it was her writing down our thoughts and answers into a page followed by her questions.

After the September Silence of 2014 Jamie, as well as many others, disappeared. She was not heard from again and still hasn't been to this day. Current status unknown.

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