"Hello! I am the 400LuxBot. I patrol this wiki's chat."
— 400LuxBot

400LuxBot is actually not an official bot. It may have been planned to be a bot and just for the sake of logging chats, but what for? If it's an Ivich bot, there would have been no purpose to log the chat.

The 400LuxBot is not remembered to have come to chat. It has only had 1 contribution and it's regarding the profile page. The user believed to be responsible for the bot is 6Lorde6. They have both logged on last on April 19th, 2016 at the same time. No other users matched that entry log.

It's unsure if we will ever see 400LuxBot again in an actual function, or ever in general. It may have been a test, there may have been more planned with it, we just may never know.

This account doesn't respond to anything sent to it any more. All incoming messages will be a waste of effort.