"I live in ruins of the palace within my dreams"
— 6Lorde6

6Lorde6 is a user who joined during Wikia War II and was aware of the situation, but not prepared. Her actions make it very difficult to say which side she was on, since she would often suck up to SkyFall77 and freak out at Venkons. Other times she would treat the Venkons like nothing was wrong and not mention the Ivich. She had come over from Community Central because of Common Foundation, but caused just about as much trouble as he did.

She would often go silent for long periods of time no matter the situation and leave randomly, othertimes she would stand by and watch the situation and freak out way after it was over. Though 6Lorde6 didn't play much of a role in the war, she did wind up missing either slightly before or way after September Silence. She is inactive on all Wiki's and has not been heard from.

Update 8/10/16

After looking through the user list, it seems 6Lorde6 logged in April 2016. A message has been left to try to see if they're around still.