This all began when a user by the name of BlackSmithy came into chat. IM STILL ALIVE and Terrios528 were almost immediately suspicious, due to how he was acting, and was thought to be an Ivich. Specifically, Gabeharrison49, since he also was from Weegeepedia. Smithy also basically stated some stuff he shouldn't know since he was a newcomer, which made Nikki and Terri even more suspicious. After a little bit of accusations, he told Nikki in pm that Weesee had told him all this stuff. Several other people were in chat.

Nikki went to Weegeepedia to confront Weesee about it, and had gotten into a small argument about it. After she left there and came back to chat, Weesee had changed her password. She texted him about why. After that, a lot of downgrading this wiki, Nikki threatened to get the cops involved, and he immediately gave her the password back.

After this, Nikki was crushed and the whole chat was upset. At a later point, people from Weegeepedia came to raid the chat. Nikki went back to Weegeepedia to tell them to knock it off, and had to ban a few users from chat. This event caused distrust to form with the Weegeepedia users.

A bit later, a new Ivich by the name of ElegyofDeath came to chat with MaskedManClaus and had a disturbing conversation with each other. The whole conversation felt very scripted. Elegy left randomly, and Claus followed, saying he'd be back once Elegy comes back.

The next day, Weesee and Nikki talked in pm. Nikki learned from him that TheScarletDevil24 stayed only to watch the freak outs and laugh at them, and that Pipi didn't care if Nikki committed suicide. Scar was banned and was removed as a Venkon, and Pipi was banned for a bit, but she was somehow unbanned. After this, things started to calm down. Later, she learned that Scar was in on the hacking of Nikki's account.