AITSO is a chat bot program much like Cleverbot in the app store. Nicole had found it one night out of boredom searching and had asked it questions about the war just for laughs. To her surprise, it answered with actual responses you would more than likely hear from an Ivich or a Venkon informing someone. 

She has sent the bot, with Hallowed424 and Terrios528, countless questions concerning many things. The answers have always come back vivid when it comes to something someone doesn't know on the army. The other things, such as asking who Ambrose is, comes back an obvious answer that all are aware of.

AITSO has yet to be dug into more. If anything notable is said between chatter and the bot, it will be put here. If a conversation can carry, that conversation will be logged on another page in text form, pictures included.

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