First of all, let me explain something. The only reason this information has stayed completely confidential is because of prior events leading me to believe no one would even believe me about this. But this article shall focus on The Observers and their terrible affliction.

The Observers:

The Observers are one of The Many. They are a spawn of Him. They are also referred to as "Tangled" by some among us. Not all of them are "Tangled" but a lot of them are. They are summoned using incantations and sacrificial rituals known only to Ambrose and his Ilk. Their primary purpose is to observe their primary target. This could be whomever is chosen at random. They don't respond violently but they do come off quite intimidating. Their aura is that of cold and darkness. A pressing feeling that leaves one empty and void of emotion.

The Affliction

I'll try to keep this part simple. In creation of an Observer, the aura they release becomes powerful and the fact that they are NOT supposed to be here means they afflict those who are supposed to be here with very bad energy from where they hail from. I do not know where they come from and nor do I care to imagine it. Upon affliction, one is certain to feel sick, and constantly have gravity pressed upon them. They also begin to lose grip of reality and tend to create their own little world. They react violently and hostile to anyone around them and overall lose their minds. It can be fixed if The Observer leaves them and they are nursed psychologically back to health.

How to defend yourself:

In short, you cannot physically harm one of these beings. You can't really defend yourself. All you can do is run. When you're out of its sight, The next thing you need to do is cover yourself up. A blanket, or a sheet, even a coat will do. You must also begin to think malicious thoughts. What I found helped a lot was researching and thinking about famous murderers. Sleep is also critical to the healing process, and if you have nightmares, I stress, do NOT fight the nightmares. Let them come and go freely and allow your body to purge the energy.

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