"I just may be under reacting..."
— Alana Katana

Alana Katana is a user who joined BDYT on August 4th, 2012. She joined after Nicole had gone to Community Central Chat begging for help from users during Wikia War 1. She was skeptical of the situation, so she popped in to take a look for herself. What she saw changed her mind and she would stay, but not fight.

Her position is slightly confusing. Though she would not fight, she would watch the chat often and record anything that happened and fill users in. She is often thought as some type of spy. She would not communicate with the Ivichs or while they were around, though.

Alana was also around for HB Wiki, but did not return after September Silence to the new BD Wiki. Though her login information shows as of recent logins, she will not be bothered.