Alphaguy (used to be known as alphaweegee) is a user who joined somewhere in Wikia War 2. He came from Weegeepedia, from which some users came to Ben drowned. He originally found the wiki from Jareck.Smith, a weird dude who vanished and was banned a long time ago.

Alphaguy had joined HELPBEN Wiki on July 6th, 2014. He got to know MaskedManClaus and it was not long until more users started showing up. After a while, Claus told Alphaguy about the situation. He explained the summary of Wikia War 1 and why the HELPBEN Wiki was made. Alpha offered to help, so he was recruited to being a member of the Venkon Army.

Alphaguy witnessed Wikia War 2, and is able to confirm or answer any questions you may have about the event if it is not listed in the Wikia War 2 Summary. He is no longer an active member on BEN DROWNED Wiki.

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