Common Foundation was a man who fluctuated greatly about the war. He sometimes never believed it, sometimes believed it, and sometimes was against what the Venkon Army was doing. In a stage of his fluctuating mind he began to grow concerned for the Venkons. Common Foundation made a shift in his behavior and how he presented himself to the newcomers. He did all that was best for the Venkons and nothing else.

His emotions to his "cause" shifted rapidly and gradually. Later through this he started to put himself in charge once again. Ezra pushed the Venkons to abandon their Wiki and in some cases, even their accounts. Nobody listened to Ezra as he had zero power and a nasty past. He wasn't a person most were fond about. Ezra said he was doing it to protect those he cares about and thinks they needed to give him a chance. Again, nothing changed.

He made Nicole try to leave Wikia totally and gave her the information to his account to go into hiding. He swore it was in his best interest to help. Aside from proposing a new account, he said that she should request all the Wikis to shut down and just forget any of this happened. Seeing this was something else than helping, his attempts backfired horribly.

Ezra's entire plan was to get Nicole to stop fighting this war and be pushed to a losing side with no connections. All Venkons were to disband and continue with their lives. This would have reversed the progress made in all that time.

Nicole nearly agreed to what Ezra wanted her to do. It fell apart and she denied his entire request. Denial followed a ban that would not be repealed anytime soon.

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