"I will keep on coming, forever conflicted. Can't you see?"
— BlackSmithy

BlackSmithy is a user that found this wiki by following Alphaguy's page to the BD Wiki,  There, he was linked to this wiki, and was told what was going on. He was extremely skeptical at first, but eventually he started to believe it. After a while of chatting with IM STILL ALIVE and Terrios528, Weesee II came into chat, and the events of 7/29/16: Shattered Promises took place. Smithy knew Weesee from Weegeepedia, and was shocked at what he had done. Since Smithy was new, he was thought to be Gabeharrison49, since he was also from Weegeepdia.

After a while, everything seemed to be going well for Smithy. He decided he was going to stay Neutral, even though he was really a Venkon Supporter. About a week after he joined, he decided to join the Venkon Army. On his first day as a Venkon, Ambrose showed up in chat.

Saved Chat: Ambrose Wants Claus

Saved Chat: Questions To Ambrose

After that, Smithy started to get paranoid, and started to regret his choice to join the Venkons. He would tell everyone that he was going to leave, and then come back a few minutes later. Finally, on August 14, he told Nicole to ban him so he can forget about the war. However, this was as not enough, and Smithy never stopped trying to come back. He would make alt accounts to plead with the venkons to let him back in, and got banned dozens of times. He made so many accounts that this event was later dubbed "altcest."

About a month later, in August, Smithy reset his device for school, and somehow that got rid of his ip ban. He made an account called Jimmybowb and joined the chat. He was quickly discovered, and banned.

Saved Chat: SolarisSword & Jimmybowb

Saved Chat: Nicole & CUT OFF 1 HEAD, 2 TAKE ITS PLACE

Two days later, he made an account called Axolotl Axolotl. With this account, he joined the chat to ask for a second chance, and was given one. He was put under review, to see if he was stable enough to rejoin the wiki. Once he was found stable enough to rejoin, his account was unbanned.

BlackSmithy has been banned from this wiki. He went insane after throwing a childish hissy fit and will never be heard from again.