Ok! I'm hoping that these rules are very clear to you so that there are no difficulties in following them. Each rule is reasonable and fair. These chat rules can help prevent you from being kicked or banned from the chat room in the future. Before you continue, please know there are certain ways in how we deal with each error. Some are no tolorence and others are minor warnings. Please read through and be sure to ask questions if you do not understand a rule. If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments. If it is fair, it will be discussed among admins and other users. Here you go!

  • Do not spam links! Please! Spamming links is just as annoying as any other form of spam. If a person is interested in watching, they will watch. You don't need to post is as soon as somebody joins the chat either. If you really want some people to see it, you can upload it to the videos section of this wikia AS LONG AS IT'S APPROPRIATE!
  • Please do not spam random words. Just entering chat and going df adsf dsf sad f dsgjlifjglfg sfdg dsf gdsajlf IS VERY ANNOYING. We will ask you to stop, then we will kick you from the chat room. If you do not stop, it will result in a 2 hour ban from chat for violating this rule.
  • Do not ask for personal information! Nobody is really comfortable with giving away their personal information willy nilly to strangers online. If you are friends and need to get in contact, please do this in a PM! Keep in mind everybody can see what you're saying in main chat. If you ask somebody out of the blue and they aren't comfortable, you should stop. If you don't we will ban you from chat for at least a few days. 
  • Respect opinions! We are all entitled to our own opinions. One may like a show and another may not like it. If there is a discussion about something you do not like, please don't be a jerk about it. You don't need to go "OMG THAT SHOW FU***** SUCKS! SHUT UP AND BURN IN HELL!". Yeah, no. If you do not care for something, just wait until the conversation is over. You will be warned then kicked. 
  • No racial slurs. The N word is not acceptable no matter what. We don't care if you're the best of friends, it isn't an acceptable word. Keep in mind it isn't all about you! Others have feelings about these things. Any other racial slurs with or without an intent to hurt somebody will result in a ban for at least a week or two. No warnings given.
  • DON'T USE ALL CAPS LIKE THIS. I do not care if you are using a Homestuck quirk as if you are Karkat, it gets very annoying. I'm sure if we were all chatting in real life, we wouldn't be screaming at each other for no reason. If an arguement starts up, this also goes for that. Limit the caps. A few warnings given and a kick. If you just continue to ignore this rule and what is being said to you, you will be banned for a day.
  • Don't stretch words. Again, I know Vriska from Homestuck uses a quirk where she stretches her words from time to time. If you want to do a Homestuck RP, please do so in a PM. Saaaayyyyiinnggg thiiiinggggssssss liiiiiiikkkkkkkeeee thissssssss issssss aaannnoyyyyyiiinggg. We will warn, kick, then ban for 2 hours.
  • No pr0n :^) material of any sort. No links, pictures or even talk. Nobody wants to hear it or see it! This will be no warning no kick, infinite ban.
  • Do not harass any users! If you are seen picking at a user to deliberately hurt them, you will be banned from the chat room for a few days and your actions will be discussed on your talk page. If it happens again, it will be infinite.
  • Keep your RP's in a PM. Even if several are a part of it, please PM it! It's a form of spamming the chat room and it's difficult when another conversation is going on. You will be kindly asked to take it elsewhere or to a PM. Otherwise you will be kicked or have a penalty of a 2 hour ban.
  • Song lyrics....just don't post them! It's yet another form of spam and nobody cares! If they want to hear a song, they'll look it up. Just no song lyrics PLEASE! You will be kicked and then banned for a certain amount of time if it happens again. The amount of time depends on how much.
  • If you're starting drama and you get kicked, and you continue to cause drama, you will be banned for a month tops. I know this might sound a little extreme, but drama just doesn't belong in the chat room.
  • If you get kicked and come back and freak out, say goodbye for a few weeks. Because you're banned!
  • Chat links! Please do not post chat links in main chat unless it's an extreme need. Otherwise, please link them to people in a PM who asked for it.
  • No shock sites! 
  • No Homestuck quirks in main chat! They get annoying to try to read and not everybody understands them
  • No spamming emoticons! If you want a list, look at the mediawiki page for emoticons.
  • No gory images! People do NOT want to see dismembered bodies or a person in operation. Nothing of the sort.
  • You must be 13 years or older to enter this chat. If you are underage, moderators are obligated to give you a permanent ban and/or report you to Wikia Staff for being underage and violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

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