Cracked is what defines a user going crazy. They aren't quite qualified as Corrupt, but are showing the signs of pre-corruption. A user who is cracked has a better chance of coming out of corruption and is easier to get out of the cracked state. Although, this can alter as to what the user has witnessed in their time on the Wiki. Some levels of their stage may be harder to come out of.

Being "cracked" can be described as your mind tearing itself. Your beliefs, your thoughts, what you thought you knew is all thrown out of place. You don't know who you're fighting against or for anymore, you don't know why you came to the war, etc. It's a battle of thoughts and a struggle to keep in touch.

Why cracked is lower on the list is because this is still a semi-aware stage of madness. It can be undone, or worsen. There's two ways out of the cracked stage. It will either get worse, which leads to corruption. If not, they are brought back to their old self with some recovering to do. It's the gray area between light and darkness. 

As seen on our User Spectrum, it's not exactly the worst stage to be in, but it's still very harmful. 

Many traitors in this war have gone through heavy phases in this. It's still unknown exactly how we can "cure" this fully, but there's some well thought guesses. 

In order to prevent corruption/being cracked, it's a wise idea to take all the advice given here on the Wiki, from experienced users, admins, and one on one conversations. You should re-read some pages here and there to drill information into your head. Get out and get to know some users, make friends, and think carefully about your choices here on the Wiki. Going in headfirst into the battle will result in sometimes unforgivable and undoable damage to yourself. Some we cannot fix.

When a user you know is cracked or is becoming this, please do your all to help them. Alert other users on this whenever possible. The page is here: Report