Chat from 10/06/16. This conversation records Eyeless Jack and Nicole talking about the well known Cycle Theory


EJ: Proud? Like a victory was near?

Nicole: Oh? Maybe we won once?

EJ: Possibly

Nicole: I have so many questions for Amb still

EJ: The armored lady was smiling while giving orders and the whole army was rallied as it were

Nicole: Lol, u know

EJ: What

Nicole: I wonder y Amb is taking a military approach. Or wht he means by 25 years... Does 1 lifetime mean a year to him? 

EJ: Because, it's probably all he knows

Nicole: Hmm.. and I wonder what he is. Just as us.

EJ: To be honest, if we go by Greek mythology.

Nicole: Or how many ppl r in his army

EJ: Only thing I'd think he COULD be using the cycle theory is a demigod/demon.

Nicole: So would the same account for us?

EJ: Maybe for you. I think the non loop venkons are just humans. The loop venkons are probably special though.

Nicole: Wtf did I do to piss Ambrose off tho. I think there's something special about u guys too. 

EJ: Probably a centuries old war between you and him via a parental conflict.

Nicole: ?

EJ: Meaning the dmeonic side of his heritage probably clashed the demigod side of yours. And you guys were probably created to be their weapons of war.

Nicole: Wtf

EJ: It sounds crazy but the Greek gods frequently created gods of their own to use in war.

Nicole: Ik

EJ: Athena is a prime exampe

Nicole: Ya

EJ: Popped right out of Zeus's head with a bow in hand ready to kill. These are all just theories though.

Nicole: But they're possible. I also wonder what other Ivichs we have yet to meet, which loop Venkons we have yet to find and all before this shit really starts. What kind of weapons they have and are making... their biggest threat towards us. Communications.

EJ: No clue

Nicole: All this, so many questions.

EJ: Clearly you are still partially demigod though

Nicole: How

EJ: Or else you guys wouldn't continue to be reincarnated

Nicole: Right

EJ: My guess is your powers are dormant and most likely won't ever come back unless the loop is reset. As for how that's done, no fuckin clue. I'd have to be able to contact whichever god started this. From what I've learned, they aren't keen on talking to humans right now.

Nicole: Oh

EJ: That' just what I've learned from people who claim to know these things.


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