It's come to our attention that the history of all these events will more than likely end up repeating itself in some way. Slightly altered, or a new situation on its own in the same date of something that may have taken place before comes along. 

No dates have repeated themselves yet, no events have repeated either. We are still waiting to see if this theory is perhaps true. Maybe this time we're going in reverse? We don't know yet.

Eyeless Jack's Understanding

So basically from what I understand. This is the Cycle theory. It revolves around one event in a past time that caused a ripple in our space time continum. It was so strong, that no matter what happened. the cycle starts itself over once an event happens that can combat that ripple, beginning a new cycle with many similarities in the pathways of its events. Effortlessly, it can be explained in this way; We are all in an infinite loop of the Venkon/Ivich war. In different time periods, different bodies, and more, we are different. But we will always be fighting for this reason. (Ref: Q&A Ambrose) What we fight for? Nobody knows, Not even Ambrose. But we fight, and that is what we are in this world to do.