"Stop the code, and I'll go." -DEFAULT

DEFAULT, one of the friends of Damon Salvatore173, came to his rescue when he was "unfairly" banned and had his rights revoked. DEFAULT's username was inspired by the video game known as "Watch Dogs". He joined the HELPBEN Wiki in June.

DEFAULT has much better computer skills than Damon Salvatore173 and participated in helping the Ivichs after Damon's ban. DEFAULT, like Damon, had a burning hatred for MaskedManClaus because of his attitude towards them. 

Unlike Damon, DEFAULT has rather constant mood swings. He is often getting into a lot of trouble at school and is known for being an irrational and violent person when it comes to him always having to be right. He would go around and vandalize pages, even if they were locked, just to keep us busy and annoyed. He managed to get around the lock on the main page of HELPBEN Wiki and fill it with a bunch of nonsense coding. The vandalism was a way to annoy us into unbanning Damon. His plan never worked, as he was banned quickly

DEFAULT is also the owner of the accounts Dogs99, Pokemon Boy, Deadshot and a few others that cannot be found at this time. He came back using the other accounts to apologize and actually reason with users. He called Nicole to Community Central using Pokemon Boy to tell her the upcoming plans.

He was last heard from on his Deadshot account on Community Central. He was reported for trolling, spamming, and vandalizing on that account as well. He has not been heard from since then.

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