Ionte is the name of the "corrupt" version of Eonte. In smallest amount of words I can say, Ionte is all of Eonte's feelings twisted into...well, how he acts now.

Eonte, by himself, would act a bit like me, but with a few personality differences. Ionte takes anything and tries to distort it to his views. He is good at manipulation and mental and emotional abuse. Ionte has a few quirks as well, talking somewhat formally at times, calling Shy "Shys" for reasons unknown.

Before Ionte had the power to take over Eonte, he was there for quite a while. If I had to put a guessing date, I'd have to say mid elementary school is when he originally popped up. I had a name for him, it might've just been "The Voice." He terrorized me in increasing ways until he took over Eonte. He is the part of the reason of why I lose emotion and become very hurtful with words when I become badly depressed. He got worse...well, probably around when the war started.