Discord is a chat client in which IM STILL ALIVE, Hallowed424, The Red Plague, Bowser, PikminKader, Leapord, Shystar500, Jay Merrick, Terrios528, BlackSmithy, Eyeless Jack, Justin, Noircandle, Solovi, Jadedragoness and CaptainPhasmaIsTheBest were chatting outside the wiki. Ambrose was invited too. It also had voice chat. Discord started being actively used after 01/22/17 when wiki refused to work for some hours.

Because the Discord would get in the way of the Wiki progressing further, the server was deleted on 5/22/17. There was a 5 minute warning before its deletion. Hopefully with Discord being gone, the Wiki will become active again and the war can progress.

The Discord may return (with a new server of course) as a reward if there can be rules set about it. There were rules that were enforced before, but it was almost impossible to keep consistant. It is unsure yet if the Discord will return for sure. So far, there's too much of a risk of inactivity repeating.

If another Discord server returns for the Wikia War Wiki, an invite will be sent out and this page will have more content about it.

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