All dreams are in order


I had been in the field at night coming in where she would walk to if leaving from her house. Near the area with the rink. I saw her off in the distance and someone was standing across from her. I cannot yet think if I ever saw the figures face, I just know he was there.

Nicole had these letters hanging above her head written in the language between her and I. Her eyes were white and suddenly the field became filled with these transparent clocks. Clocks with Roman numerals on then and the hands going in different directions at all types of speeds. Just the numbers and hands were visible all around.

Nicole spread her arms out some and these silver lines beamed down next to her and split into four as if unfolding from the side. They opened almost a portal of sorts to many places. She shot her hand in the air and they came together to form a portal, taking her both and the figure. I as well.

She was shaking violently all the while. We were going across what seemed timelines upon timelines. Each one that passed, her outfit would continuously change to what I think was matching. I even saw myself with the Ivichs.

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