All dreams are in order

Entry 1:

Skull's dream is something that actually startled me. I'm going to be logging his dreams from now on, I'll keep this introduction short. I will quote below what he says and not jumble it in my own words like I do for my own log.

"They had all of us in separate rooms. Most of us were dead except for you, me, hallowed, terrios, and kayono. I was being torured and water boarded at the time I saw you get dragged down the hall and put on some ritual table. Then I remember hearing this awful scream. Like, you were literally screaming bloody murder.

I broke out of the chains and broke hallowed and kayono out, telling them to get you out before you were completely drained of power. I went and killed the rest of them. Then I remember sitting by your hospital bed. As you woke up, you asked where my wings were and I just turned around and showed you my back. They were cut off."

Entry 2:

"I remember being in a dark room, barely able to see when I turned and saw a clock on the wall. It looked like a normal wall clock but it had Roman numerals. I then reached my hand out and touched the clock with the palm of my hand and in that instant, all I saw was fire everywhere. On the trees, burning buildings, and the ground. As I looked at the burning ground I just saw nothing but corpses that were burnt."

Entry 3:

  • "We were at your house having a bbq, all of us, except leo who couldnt come. then a rock flew into your house that had "run" on it. then the door kicked down and your family was sadly beat up and taken somewhere and they rushed out back to get us then xander just started running after a few of them while i took you and smithy with me to the field to go hide in the trees. Then they came for you and the next thing i know I see a black hooded figure, smithy and i go and chase after him then the next thing I remember was being lifted in the air by my throat without that figure touching me, and after that I oke up with you and everyone else missing, then I was face to face with the hooded person,he said something in which i surprisingly understood, but I sadly can't remember it. The next thing i know i see fire and then i woke up in the hospital without a burn mark on me, you and your dad and my mom was surprisingly there. They said I survived being burnt to a crisp in a house fire and then I went to go find you sleeping at home, then i took one of your swords and stabbed my heart, and felt nothing." This was said to Nicole over chat. Message me if you want specific details of the dream.

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