After the long fight with Eyeless Jack because of his actions, he came back to redeem himself. He disappeared for many months and didn't decide to come back until February 27th, 2016. Eyeless Jack didn't bother coming back directly to the Wiki. Instead he left a message on Community Central to IM STILL ALIVE in hopes she would read it.

The message reads:

"Listen, just give me a moment of your time. I believe that this situation needs to be solved. The way I handled myself in the past was wrong. I know that now. I went power crazy and deserve every single spittle of disrespect people can throw at me. I know that I was wrong. But I still want to help. I came to you originally with every intention of helping you fix this and end this war once and for all. to delete what remained so you could live a better life. Somewhere along that path, I lost my way, and I couldnt find it again. I was in a dark time in that time. I was only, no family there for me. I digress, I'm not looking for sympathy, or attention here, I just want you to let me help. This one last time, just give me this one last chance to show that I truly do fight for your cause and havent stopped. I am finished with my childish acts. I am finished with every piece of drama in my life. I am not incredibly smart, but I can figure it out. I am available for skyping whenever you have the time and I strongly urge you at least call and talk to me for a bit. I've since changed my ways of living. I live with my mother, and I work at a cafe, I'm saving money and starting college again soon. I've matured from what I once was, the arrogant piece of trash that I was. I fight for You and I promise that with every fiber of my being, I will spend the rest of my days trying to right what I did wrong. I'm not asking for forgiveness, or trust, I'm asking for a chance. Just one. To prove to you that I mean what I say. I would rather go down knowing I fought for you then give up and live on never to know whats become of you. I'm pathetic right now, but I would literally get on my knees and beg for this chance if I could. Please. Contemplate this. I am available for skype calls and urge you to call me and talk to me for just an hour, if not an hour, then 30 minutes. Just let me show you I mean what I say and that I am human, and I'm willing to fight to my last breath to help you. Please. I also strongly encourage you to make this decision on your own with no outside influence. While I know I deserve the punishment that has been bestowed upon me. I could, instead, be under your control as a valuable asset to your task force. please consider this. This one chance. And If I fail, so Help me God, I will never bother you ever again in this small eternity of a lifetime again.

With regards, 


Though he did ask for Nicole to make the decision herself, she decided to go and talk to people about it. Weesee II played the biggest role in her influence. When they decided to hear him out over a call, it was on another website. There was no Skype involved for this decision making. They went to "Tinychat." It's a place Nicole and EJ would talk before the conflict.

Eyeless Jack opened his cam and Nicole opened hers. Weesee watched the chat and only typed, mostly listening. Between EJ and Nicole, they'd often get sidetracked about talking about the older days they had and remembered. 

About an hour and a half later of talking and convincing, Nicole saw that he was serious about his changes. WC was still weary about it considering he was there for the near end of the battle, but he was willing to stand at her side with the choice of bringing him back.

Ever since taking EJ back in, he's been working hard to regain trust from some previous and make friends with the newer members while he was away. He has proved time and time again that he's nothing but good news now and there is no reason to fear him anymore.