"You suck."
— EelyK

EelyK, also known as "Kylee", knows Estian Estival, MrNovemberInsanity, and IM STILL ALIVE in real life. She was brought to the Wiki the same way Estian an MNI were, just out of curiosity. EelyK and Nicole have known each other since 6th grade and have become great friends since. She was the first person out of her classmates to be trusted with the secret of the Wiki. Though she never said she would fight, she said she would help and keep an eye out for anything weird and report it back.

She witnessed the 4/23 incident, however, she only met Kalasta, not Jagyel. She read the blog uploaded shortly after known as "FIGHT NIGHT" claiming the soon-to-be fight between Nicole and Jagyel, Kalasta, and which other "friends" they were claiming to bring that night.

Not only was she there for the 4/23 incident, but she also witnessed Eyeless Jack's Duplicity and helped vote to get him out of power. While she is currenly inactive on Wikia, she still sees the three mentioned above everyday and is doing well.