The importance of the Elks area plays a vital role in this Ivich/Venkon war. Elks, better known as "The Field", is the biggest known location for it. The fighting did not just halt at the field, though. It spread to the park area and public pool. The general area is called Elks as a whole, but will go to "the field" or "pool" if branching out to specific locations.

As for the events that happened at Elks before the first war and mid-first war, that is what the actual importance will be.

There in the pool area Nicole ran into a to-be-friend. All people will not be named. This friend of hers introduced her to a longer line of friends that just kept going and going until she met a few specific people. They will be referred to as M, D, E and DS. M and D are the biggest problem as E and DS had a more of a minor role comparing them to M and D.

M and D were two seemingly good friends. When Nicole met them is when the events on the Wiki began. It's to be believed they had something behind this but it cannot be proved as only the timing is there for backup and their actions in the physical world.

M and D became violent from nowhere towards Nicole. Doing things such as chasing her down, hitting her head against the wall, holding her under the water for long periods of time, using weapons on her and so forth. The reason they didn't get caught is because everyone dismissed it as a game they were playing. Why? No idea. 

Nicole was too scared to say anything to anyone about this. Everyone except for the one friend who lead her there. When she talked about it to this friend, there was no sign of her friend caring about this at all. Both Wiki related events and the events taking between her and M and D. 

This went on daily. It died down near the end of the second war, or even before the end of it and it never happened (at least as extreme) afterwards. Not long ater did M move away and hasn't been heard from since the summer of 2016 when he had called Nicole threatening her again. Fortunately, she was far from her city on vacation.

It's thought that they were somehow tied in on this because of the timing. Other than that, there are no other leads as to what happened or their reasoning on what they did.

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