"I feel like quoting Garnet and telling you that I can see so many things that can hurt you, and I feel should never have let one of them be me."
— EmoGamer

EmoGamer met IM STILL ALIVE over their 3DS's on the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They met because of another friend and buddied each other quickly so they could talk more. Brandon later got Snapchat and an Email on his tablet so he could talk to Nicole when her 3DS was taken by her parents. Nicole's phone was later taken, too. She gave him the link to the HB Wiki so she could talk more if it's what he wanted.

EmoGamer was introduced to Nicole's friends and was later told what was going on, and the real purpose of the Wiki being there. He felt bad, scared even. He wanted a way to help even though he was not physically there. He was reminded any efforts someone can make to help is always appreciated. EmoGamer was recruited after the story and became an active member to the Wiki.

He witnessed much of Wikia War II and it began bothering him every night, so much as to where he got sick out of fear or went sleepless for many nights. He was in chat on the Night Of SkyFall, around for September Silence, and was told that the HB was going to be abandoned, so he was given a link to the new BD Wiki.

Though not much happened after the opening of the Wiki, it got increasingly worse. He witnessed and even talked to Jagyel. After many months, he was a member of the Night Watch and only came in to see what happened or if help was needed. During this, he ended up befriending SkyFall77.

EmoGamer later left the Wiki completely after Nicole and EmoGamer got into a huge arguement and said that "He does not care anymore, only update him when someone dies". Though the arguement was his fault, he refuses to take that into his mind today.