Ezra, also known as Common Foundation, doesn't have the best background on Wikia. He has tried to take Nicole's Wiki's under his own control, he was responsible for the disappearance of SkyFall77 during the Ivich Refuge, he has left threatening messages and unacceptable messages to Eyeless JackEmoGamerDamon Salvatore173, and IM STILL ALIVE. He tried his best to be on top of everyone and everything. 

Common Foundation is mostly known for his lying about his lifestyle and reputation in the streets. He claims to be famous/popular in his area and to have a lot of money.

He was in denial of the war he witnessed and claimed he was going through something serious. Ezra's denial wasn't always constant. There would be times he was up and trying to help out, and out of nowhere, he would go back to denying anything serious is happening. 

Eventually he started to claim to have ownership over the second Wiki which resulted him in getting a long, but not permanent ban. By the time he came back, he was thought to have changed. Instead, he was angrier than ever.

The lies he brought up, the anger he took out on everything, the things he said to each user all lead up to his permanent exile. He hasn't been seen on Wikia on any of his accounts since, save once.

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