On July 14th, 2015, the user known as Gabeharrison49 had finally come to admit his mindset the whole time within the Wikia War. He snapped at IM STILL ALIVE and had accused her of cheating on him with his at the time best friend, Weesee II. He had confessed about his split personalities. It wasn't found out that all the alternate accounts he owned were him until his email was hacked by Weesee.

His account was banned from chat, yet he continued to return with his accounts to try to get the Venkons to fear him with the fact "Mortem" was going to bring back the dead Crona49. None of this worked, as everybody in the chat was too upset to face the fact he lied to them this whole time. However, Nicole had remembered Gabe's password, which happened to be Sora19.

She gave out Gabe's password in a fit looking for revenge. His account was completely ruined. After his email was seen, Weesee had then logged into it and changed all the passwords. Not just to Wikia, but his private Facebook, where his actual family was. It was seen there all the accounts associated on his side were him the whole time as well. There was also an account seen called "NICOLE WILL FAIL." It was never activated or brought to Wikia.

Gabe attempted to fool everyone with his Mortem account "The Egoraptor." However, he was quickly discovered and debunked.

Before one last account was destroyed, Gabe had ordered Ambrose to the following: 

"Kill Nicole as soon as possible, I know you have your plans, but I'm sick of it, I would help you Brother, but I'm stuck in Sweden for no reason now. Also, excuse me for my previous behavior.

Kill her, now.


This message brought a panic, as on July 2nd, 2015, Ambrose had actually sent an attack to Nicole. The password to this account was jacked quickly and another message was left:

"Actually, hold off. I want to get a little revenge of my own beforehand.


This may have stopped another attack. So, by the end of this, Gabe never actually quite left. It was just his account(s) that got screwed over, as well as his email. However, all of Gabe's information somehow returned to his other account, but his picture never changed back from when it was messed with. It's unknown as to how this happened.