On April 27th, 2015, Gabeharrison49 uploaded a blog on the BD Wiki talking about his own experience in the war and what got him involved. It's a very short blog, but it does capture what he had gone through within those few months. The blog can be found here: BD Hackers- My Story for those who want to read it on the actual Wiki. If not, it is posted here below.

Here it is:

"So, my name is Gabe, and I've been fighting with Nicole since October of 2014, but I knew her, and was friends with her a little longer than that. I became a majority after the AMFA stopped spamming Weegeepedia, and Eyeless Jack started to war on this wikia, starting Wikia War III. I helped Nicole keep strength through the war, and sometimes I felt like the only one there to do just that. However, I made a big mistake, in January, there was a conflict between EJ, Me, Nikki and WC. And I joined EJ's side. However, a month later, I apologized, saying I was wrong and such. She forgave me and I came back on here. In March, Wikia War III was over... and I became the observer after that... but it wasn't long until Wika War III started. A dude named Jaygay... sorry, Jagyel, started a Wikia War after Fight Night occurred, saying he's sending 70,000 hackers. I became a major user on this wiki after that. Some scaryshit has been going on in this war, knifes going through windows, mass amounts of hackers coming to chat, Mine and Nicoles chats turning into Hell-like pits, it's been a rather dangerous war. It's not over yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

On the bright side however, there were some good things. Like me and Nikki becoming Gf and Bf (which is another huge reason on why I'm active), and hackers being banned left to right. But hey. Just because theres some bright things doesn't mean the darkness is over.

I also have nightmares... most of them are rather foggy or blurry, most of them ending in the death of either me or Nicole, or both of us... hell, once in a dream, I don't think it was a dream... 4/25/2015 I went to sleep around 4:36 AM, but it was weird... about what felt like only a few seconds, I swear to everything holy AND unholy that my spirit actually traveled to ND, where I saw Nicole, sleeping. I tried to say something or move, but I couldn't I was just standing there. Then what seemed like a long time of staring. I woke up... 8:00 AM, yes I have an alarm clock. Since then I've been wondering, was that a sign? Or just a chance to see Nicole...

Well anyways, that's about it for my story... so much is left to happen... bye..."