"In the end we will be judged. Not by what we have destroyed...but what we have created!"
— Garbled Red Text

Garbled Red Text is a Venkon Supporter from Weegeepedia. He came to know the Venkons by Alphaguy and Weesee II. He followed their links to the Wikis and found more than he may have bargained for. Garbled Red Text didn't exactly believe it at first and didn't seem too fond of the Venkon Army

In return, the Venkons weren't the kindest back to him. It took nearly a year for the Venkons and Garbled Red Text to end their feud. With their problems settled, Garbled Red Text began to see more to the war than he thought. The Venkons became much more welcoming and friendly to him whenever he decided to pop into chat to visit for a while.

He has been around for Eyeless Jack's DuplicityEJ's DemotionGabe's "Departure"Shattered Promises, and reports on some chats saved from Ambrose, SanguineS, and some members of The Many. He has yet to see which direction this war turns from reports on Skype.

Garbled Red Text is not a Venkon, but rather a supporter for them. He talks to Nicole over Skype often and asks of the war and what's new with it. He too has contact with Xander whenever he decides to get online from time to time.

Garbled is not active on the Wiki or any of the previous Wikis that have been part of the wars.