"I just want to stop thinking."
— Gavin

Gavin was introduced to IM STILL ALIVE by another friend of hers at the pool near her house. Gavin was probably one of the fastest people to be introduced to the war during this time, as it was the time of the second war. Though Gavin was skeptical at first, he was given enough proof and was eager to help after seeing.  At the time, Gavin claimed to have friends who were good with hacking, yet were not the Ivichs we feared. Gavin himself never made a Wikia account. He would instead be asking for any updates Nicole could give him and he would give advice for her. It was strange, not once did he ever put his so claimed "hacking skills" to use, even if asked. It was always delayed. 

Out of nowhere, Gavin started becoming more and more demanding from Nicole for no reason. Such as demanding ways to get ahold of users, her password, and other information that was beyond knowing at the time. Since Nicole never followed, he started to threaten her. Threaten to sell her and her army out, shut her website down, and even get the authorities involved, which did happen. Gavin was dating a girl whose father is in the military. They ended up almost getting the military involved on this case because she was refusing to tell things she wasn't supposed to or wasn't capable of.

The two stopped talking for 17 months. Gavin never talked to Nicole after that short phase. It turns out he was in an institution to get help. He came back almost a new person. But because of his unforgivable past, he was blocked from texting Nicole.

Yet... he has still found ways to sneak around that.