"Terrorize the innocent" -Good Tails Doll

Good Tails Doll (GTD) joined HELPBEN Wiki after Googling BEN DROWNED related things. He signed up and the friendship between him and IM STILL ALIVE grew quickly. He was a major fan of the BEN DROWNED and Tails Doll Curse Creepypasta. It wasn't until much, much later he ended up finding out about the Ivichs. It is estimated he found out about late April about them, just a while before Wikia War II started.

He brought the user Horizons are Limited to HELPBEN Wiki because he thought he would be interested, and he did end up staying to help in the fight. He proceeded to upload videos about the War on his YouTube Channel and search for people that would be trustworthy to recruit. His YouTube Channel is still active.

He witnessed all of Wikia War II, but after Wikia War III died down, he proceeded to become less active. He hasn't abandoned Wikia, though. 

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