"HE FORCED ME TO :'( PLEASE HELP ME........." -HeyMrDj

HeyMrDJ joined HELPBEN Wiki on May 6th, 2013. HeyMrDJ and MasterSkymning were accquaintances and both came to the Wiki together. HeyMrDJ, MasterSkymning and Nicole all became good friends very quick. Despite HeyMrDJ causing drama left and right, Nicole and MasterSkymning held together and tried to help.

Later HeyMrDJ found out about BENDROWNEDYOURTURN Wiki and the Wikia War 1 Summary. This brought HeyMrDJ to complete insanity and paranoia. He later claimed to have been a girl this whole time, despite MasterSkymning knowing HeyMrDJ in real life. MasterSkymning fought against the odd behavior with Nicole, then later switched sides and said HeyMrDJ was a girl.

Although this person had nothing to do with the war/fighting, they did return early Wikia War 2 and left right away out of fear. This user hasn't been seen or heard from since and is thought to have either made a new account or to have left Wikia completely after what they had witnessed.

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