HiddenMachine96 is a user who joined the BDYT Wiki on August 13th, 2012. The war was just nearing the end. It is not remembered how Hidden got to the Wiki, but he was practically clueless of the war until it sparked while he was in chat. Hidden was not only confused, but he was horrified by what he witnessed. After the remaining users explained to him what was going on, he was determined to help as much as he could. However, he would not push his limits.

The following week he joined, he was quick to make many friends. Though he did not have much to say to the Ivichs, he made the punishments brief and quick and to the point. He sometimes wants to forget it ever happened.

Sadly, HiddenMachine96 was late to join the Wiki. Nicole's account "Ilovecreepypasta" was shut down that following month and they did not speak after the new creation. Later in 2015, user Dudeguy WC and Nicole tried to contact him and reassure him it was not an imposter. Hidden only messaged back once and has ignored anybody from that Wiki since then.