This Holy Sword is a weapon that was seen in one of the dreams from Nicole. The entire dream can be found in: Dream Logs: IM STILL ALIVE.

Upon discussing the dream with Eyeless Jack and Terrios528, Eyeless Jack reveals some background information on the sword from the dream. He recalls only Nicole being the one aware of where it had came from and leaving that a well guarded secret from the rest of the people. It shouldn't fall into the hands of those who can't handle it, as he also recalls it just took one slash to make an enemy collapse.

The blade itself was matched by the same material made from the weapons of Eyeless Jack and Terrios. The blade from the dream had a green flame/glow to it, which Eyeless Jack commented it's believed it was forged by Gods.

As for the present day location of this blade, it's exact location is not yet known. There are only a few ideas where it may be. The only issue is there are no means of transportation possible yet. 

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