If you're looking for the How To based on Ivichs in the chat room, please go to this link: How To: Deal With An Ivich In Chat.

Ambrose Malachai is, if you didn't know, the leader of the Ivichs. Most dangerous, most powerful, yet the most cryptic. Feared by many, Ambrose is not the kind of Ivich to mess with. He's serious and gets straight to the point. Though we don't know much on him, here's a list of things you should follow while he is around you. This list will be updated right away if anything new is discovered.

  • First thing's first, do not taunt him. If you're thinking he will throw a fit or leave the chat, you're sorely mistaken. Either you're going to get pinned as the next to take care of, or he will just ignore you and it'll be a waste of your time.
  • Do not private message (pm) him. He won't respond and he could potentially use it to mess up your chances here on this Wiki.
  • Do not panic. He likes fear.
  • If you are being talked to by him or are showing you're clearly afraid, don't throw another person under the bus. Leave it you on you and tell a mod or admin what happened if none should be present.
  • Just as in the article on How To: Deal With An Ivich In Chat, if you happen to be the only person, leave.
  • Don't challenge him. No matter who you are, this will result in a ban and a serious talking to.
  • If you feel at all threatened or cannot handle what is to come, do not feel like you have to stay. By all means, please, leave.
  • Stay on topic. No matter what happens stay on topic.
  • Do not join him. Ignore his offerings, do NOT join. LEAVE.
  • As follows, no self sacrifices.
  • Disregard anything on Ivich propaganda (like making it sound like it's a good position to be in) and anything you see anti-Venkon.
  • Avoid any physical contact without a plan of action. Even then it is dangerous.