"Look at me...wasting my time over here. Talking to the girl who hardly knows herself" -IM STILL DEAD 

IM STILL DEAD is a user who appeared near the end of Wikia War 2 on August 22nd, 2014. Her username is a based off IM STILL ALIVE , it was created just to mock her. The Ivichs said it was a clone of her that they made. Since this was so doubtful, not much worry was put into this user.   

IM STILL DEAD has a completely switched personality compared to IM STILL ALIVE. IM STILL DEAD was brutal, rude, a liar, and rather violent. She would only speak in all capital letters, which was annoying to many. Though her threats weren't taken seriously, this did raise suspicion as to what else there was to be planned. 

She only made a two day appearance before just taking off with no word. Her real purpose is unknown. Though users tried to bring her back by provoking her through her talk page, it did not work. Users gave up on trying to get answers and moved on. Her significance is declining as it has been realized she did not contribute much to the Ivichs.

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