"You've got some hate. I'll make sure you get to see it first hand."
— Illusions and Fear

Illusions and Fear joined the BD Wiki on July 22nd, 2015. He came to warn users that they need to evacuate because of another uprising. His purpose was similar to XxDawnShadowsxX, but he is much more harsh.

He started off saying a few Wikis are going on a rebellion against the BD Wiki for what IM STILL ALIVE has done in the past on her previous account Ilovecreepypasta. This certainly sparked the attention of users, considering nobody was expecting another uprising.

Illusions began to share a similar personailty to Common Foundation. This showed after the fact he knew who Eyeless Jack was and his orders against the Wiki. As Ezra told Nicole she had to get rid of her account to live and use another, this user did the same. He knew very little about the previous wars, just as Ezra did. His demands for rights and being the leader matched.

He was quickly dismissed as Ezra and left a final message: 

"See that message you just sent me thats the kind of thing im talking about, your foolish and young but i guess you will get the message eventually. For now though i will be shutting down your wilki, in fact anyone can have a wiki shut down, and your unwilingness to stop inciting drama and your completel lack of seeing how your actions are effectiong others i might just let it stand and let you learn the hard way. Its not about me Nicole, all of your previous wiki'a have suffered the same damage and loss but you just cant seem to get the point and make a change. I wont wrestle with it i havent decided yet what ill do but maybe ill just let you see for yourself that i was only trying to help, but by that point it will only be too late.

its all your fault Nicole, you want to knlw what i think and not them? You caused it you are at fault but your friends here say "oh its not her fault" and "oh dont blame poor nicole" You twelve year old peice of shit you know what youve done now take responsibilty for it. You surround yourself with enablers so that you dont have to put up with it, it really is hilarious. All the trust you delirously put into people who hurt you and never put into people trying to help and you would much rather send them all away. You cant hide behind a computer screen all your life. they are coming for you and i tried to stop them. Good luck though, you certainly died young." -Illusions and Fears

He later attempted to contact Eyeless Jack, but he did not get back to him on time. Since that message was left, Illusions and Fear has not been heard from.

About two years later a test was done to prove that Illusions was Ezra. Since Ezra had given Nicole his password in an attempt to get rid of her and place her on a new account, it was decided to try that password with Illusions And Fear. Now that it was successful, this account was dismissed as nothing more than another attempt from Ezra and nothing of a threat. Just one of many alternate accounts Ezra owned.