The three Wikis Nicole made had very misleading objectives. None of them were meant to grow and appeal to the CP fanbase at all. None of them had the meaning displayed. The reasoning behind the names is because it was easy to remember. The pages uploaded were never intended. As the wars came about, the pages began to act as a mask to the Wiki so people wouldn't ask about what was going on as the situation escalated. It was a difficult subject to start bringing up in the beginning and even in the second Wiki it was hard to talk about. 

The effect the pages had of masking the Wiki began to fade as the war became more and more extreme and going on a daily basis. In other words, the Wikis were disguised bases so nothing was too noticeable to everyone dropping in. This method was eventually given up and it was all released to everyone who asked under a few circumstances.

Every Wiki traveled has been a base that was eventually abandoned. There is no longer denial in what happened and all information will be available when found.

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