"Hail Ambrose."
— ItsTimeFor

ItsTimeFor, an Ivich abruptly brought into this Wiki, is not one that has come to play games. He is very cryptic yet straight forward with what he comes for. However, his slow responses lead us to believe he is carefully picking his words in order to avoid anything that shouldn't be revealed yet or ever. While he may seem to say the majority of the war, it's still very clear this isn't everything.

The first time he came to the Wiki, he said he was sent by MaskedManClaus, a Venkon pretending to be an Ivich. As shown in this short snipit of the conversation:

3:35 ItsTimeFor: Greetings from us.

3:35 IM STILL ALIVE: us?

whos "us"

3:35 ItsTimeFor: From

3:35Hallowed424: HAcker

3:35 ItsTimeFor: Maskedmanclaus

What he has currently been revealing is too heavy to release to all people viewing this Wiki. When the time comes, some more of these conversations MIGHT be released. There are currently no promises. The connection between ItsTimeFor and MaskedManClaus is unknown, and it is unknown how either have contacted each other. For the time, ItsTimeFor remains a bit of a mystery.


On August 7th, 2016, MaskedManClaus announced he was no longer going to serve Ambrose. Never was truly serving him to begin with. Without Claus, ItsTimeFor no longer has someone to take orders from. Though he is without a commander, he still continues to come to the Wiki and fight on his own.