"Wh...why would you accuse me of such a thing?! I have no idea what's going on! I...I'll just come back in an hour or so."
— Jareck*sss

Jareck*sss was first thought to be an alternate account of the user known as Jareck.Smith. Jareck*sss joined the HB Wiki around early June. No exact date is given, but this is merely an estimate. The theory about Jareck.Smith and Jareck*sss being the same person was proven wrong not long after Jareck*sss joined. The two had extreme differences in spelling, behavior, and arrival time.

Jareck*sss was only around the Wiki for a few short days. He was accused of being an enemy because of how frequently his account was hacked. However, it was discovered it was for the leader to speak to us. He said he did not want to create an account for the time being. 

He wasn't a part of the Wiki very long, he ended up disappearing a few days after he joined. His final day, he came to chat confused and screaming about some event. His account was disconnected from the chat and hasn't been heard from since.