The Journal was a small, red, thin and wired notebook owned by Nicole during early 2015. It held information about known Ivichs, messages, specific dates, fellow Venkons, and future plans. The cover of the journal was designed by a classmate. She wrote in marker "STAY OUT" and the owners name at the bottom.

It was later handed to a very trusted friend who was ordered to keep it at her place but to hide it as well as she could while Nicole would think what to do with it after realizing how dangerous it was and what it could cause if someone else got ahold of it. The decision came to burning it completely. There were too many cases of classmates getting into it, it being ruined, etc. 

Months later during late July, it was taken to a park with her friend and they burned it, then ruined it in the water, tore it up into unreadable shreds and made sure the ink ran and made it blurry down to the last detail. It was thrown in the trash and they walked away from it from there.

There is a new journal that is brown leather with a string to tie it shut. It isn't in English and the language will not be revealed nor a translation unless it needs to be. The new journal is not filled with as much information as the old one and is still a huge work in progress. It hasn't been updated since June.

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