"There are some things without which your soul is dead - love, curiosity and ability to feel the pain of others."
— Kayono

Kayono is a friend and soulsister of Solovi, which is how she got here in the first place. Solovi had told Kayono not to get involved but her curiousty got the best of her. She came to chat after mustering the courage to further investigate what this Wiki is that Solovi has hidden from her for so long.

As any new user, Kayono was met with hostility. Her words lead Nicole to believe she was a user trying to come back from being banned. Kayono took a moment before explaining how she got here and what she wanted to know. The hostility was set aside and she began her exploration around the Wiki. 

Kayono is now a very frequent user and a part of the Discord. She has made pages such as Discord, logged the chat One-phrased dialogue.

She enjoys helping people and making them laugh in their hardest times. She enjoys making silly drawings or making her friends on websites like Rinmaru Games. She is a night owl that still cares about her sleep. Kayono does her all to keep the mood light and people moving forward. She also loves to make silly quotes like "I am a corpse, a cold corpse, do not touch meee" and scream. She also always wants to see something interesting and take place in events.

Kayono also enjoys making theories and discussing dreams. What they could mean or the alternates that may take place is an adventure. She is determined to see the loop come to the best ending it can receive. 

She was finally accepted to the army on 7/28/17.