5:30 Nicole: Do u know how our uniforms looked back then?

5:30 Eyeless Jack: Armor*

5:30 Nicole: Maybe depending on rank or were they all the same

Right right

5:30 Eyeless Jack: The only difference in armor I saw were our armors.

Yours had the crest of a wolf on the helm and wore light wolf spaulders as well.

Terrys was more difficult to see

5:30 Terri: *snickers* Skyfall

5:30 Nicole: NO

5:30 Eyeless Jack: Silver with gold helm, seemed to encompass some sort of death

Roses were included,

5:30 Terri: What color?

5:30 Eyeless Jack: Mine? I could only see from my perspective

5:30 Nicole: Encompass some sort of death?

5:30 Eyeless Jack: White roses Terry

5:30 Terri: Fucking knew it

5:30 Eyeless Jack: I wore a charcoal style armor

5:30 Terri: I've always loved white roses

5:30 Eyeless Jack: My gauntlets had sharp finger ends that looked more suitable for melee combat. And I don't remember the armor feeling heavy either.

I wanna say my spalders resembled bears.


Either way. The rest of the army wore standard issue lightweight plates and mail with a wolf emblazoned on the chestplate.

5:30 Nicole: Pop





5:30 Terri: What did you mean about mine "encompassing some sort of death" 

Popgoes the Weasel

5:30 Nicole: I wonder wht our significance of the wolf was

5:30 Terri: Strong and not domesticated

5:30 Nicole: And ej having a bear

5:30 Eyeless Jack: Terri

5:30 Terri: Yeah?

5:30 Eyeless Jack: I'm pretty sure you were a fancy of the rapier

5:30 Terri: "A fancy of the rapier" what

5:30 Eyeless Jack: So possibly a quick and satisfying death?

Your main weapon looked like it was a rapier.

5:30 Nicole: So not brutal

5:30 Eyeless Jack: Hooked to your belt at least

5:30 Nicole: Didn't believe in suffering?

5:30 Terri: Idk

5:30 Eyeless Jack: Since we're on topic

Nikki had a broadsword

5:30 Terri: Ehat did it look like?

5:30 Eyeless Jack: What did what look like

5:30 Terri: The broadsword

5:30 Eyeless Jack: A sword, almost the size of her body

Encrusted with jewels and gold lining, looked pretty fancy

5:30 Nicole: Wht did u have ej?

5:30 Terri: Least it isn't the broadsword from Nikki's dreams

5:30 Eyeless Jack: I had a battle axe.

But it was the size of a pole axe.

It stood at my height.

5:30 Nicole: Goddamn

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Could definetly tell it was hefty and for cleaving more heavily armored enemies

Which is weird

5:31 Nicole: And Terri, tht weapon is much different than anything ej is talking about

5:31 Terri: Ik

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Because I'm a fan of broadswords

5:31 Nicole: Heh

5:31 Eyeless Jack: I could a rocked that axe I suppose though

5:31 Nicole: Wht do u think those animals mean

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Terry already red out the wolf

5:31 Terri: I wonder if my armor had anything to do with animals

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Pointed"

I was too far away from you Terry, you were issuing orders

Or skmething

5:31 Terri: Yeah

I probably did though, as you two did

5:31 Nicole: Do u remember anything said tht sounded important from anyone or anything

Or maybe meetings if we had them

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Bear is a symbol of strength and wisdom

Only things I heard were us celebrating victories and discussing the nights festivities 

They were rather vulgar incase you were wondering.

5:31 Nicole: How so

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Talking about how many ladies we were going to buy from the local brothrel 

5:31 Nicole: Oh my (laugh emoji)

5:31 Terri: $10 that was Flip

5:31 Eyeless Jack: And saying we were going to drink each other under the table

5:31 Shystar500: 50 @terri

5:31 Eyeless Jack: That was Nikki

5:31 Nicole: What

5:31 Eyeless Jack: So where's my $60

5:31 Nicole: (laugh emoji)

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Did I fail to explain that you were a man Nikki?

5:31 Shystar500: dammit

5:31 Terri: I figured We would change genders

5:31 Nicole: I kinda figured there was some swapping around

5:31 Terri: AYYY

5:31 Nicole: Terri :^)

5:31 Eyeless Jack: A woman couldn't be a warrior back in those times I'm assuming

If there were still brothrels around

5:31 Terri: I wonder if Nicole's name was Nike

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Nikolai

5:31 Terri: Nikolai

5:31 Nicole: Y was I reborn with tit then


5:31 Eyless Jack: Your guess is as good as mine


5:31 Eyeless Jack: Maybe the universe has a funny sense of humor

5:31 Nicole: *shrug*

I only care if it affects the way I beat the shit out of ambrose

5:31 Eyeless Jack: We also had a castle

That was a more recent dream

5:31 Nicole: *COUGHING*

5:31 Terri: Describe it

5:31 Nicole: YEA PLZ

5:31 Eyeless Jack: On a mountainside

Very large with a pretty big courtyard

At least 8 seperate wings and 10 towers for defenses.

Formidable as far as withstanding blockade. According to Terry in the past

5 years of supplies could be stored with room to spare

And it had a local stream running through it for freshwater

It also took the better part of a decade to build

  • Terry mentioned as we were doing a walk through for the first time*

5:31 Nicole: Sounds nice

5:31 Eyeless Jack: I want to know what mountain it was on 

See if it's still there

5:31 Terri: What's the architecture

5:31 Eyeless Jack: European, but we weren't in Europe as far as I knew

Terry made it clear that this castles wasn't going to be easy to "find"

5:31 Nicole: Ahuh

5:31 Terri: But it has water running through it

5:31 Eyeless Jack: It was a freshwater stream

Running from down the mountain

Not the size of a river, but able to sustain life.

5:31 Terri: Wouldn't that mean the top of the mountain was ice n snow?

5:31 Eyeless Jack: All mountains are ice and snow at the top lol

Unless they're a volcanoe

5:31 Terri: Not all of them

Depends on height

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Volcano*

Vast majority 

Trying to do some pinpointing?

5:31 Shystar500: is anyone else really hoping that they did something badass in a past life

5:31 Terri: A little

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Terry.

5:31 Terri: Ik

5:31 Eyeless Jack: if it's any consolation

You were the executioner head.

5:31 Terri: I'm not surprised lol

5:31 Eyeless Jack: Leader of the squad tasked with executions

5:31 Nicole: TERRI 


5:31 Terri: ?

5:31 Eyeless Jack: And you didn't use your rapier to execute either

5:31 Nicole: *cough*

5:31 Terri: Of course not, rapier's aren't meant for that

5:31 Nicole: Executions sounds fun

  • sound

5:31 Eyeless Jack: You had a broadsword as well

But you classified it as a barbaric, yet necessary tool

5:31 Terri: Do you know if you saw it?

5:31 Eyeless Jack: I did

5:31 Terri: Ehat did it look like

5:31 Nicole: Describe it

5:31 Eyeless Jack: But I can't remember for the life of me what it looked like

5:31 Nicole: This is important


5:32 Eyeless Jack: It's important to know that Nikki believed it was imbued with power out of this world, and that's why she made you use it

5:32 Nicole: Oh?

5:32 Eyeless Jack: According to Nikolai, it was a necessary instrument to sate the bloodlust of hellacious beings

I would even go so far to say that during one of the executions, Nikolai seemed afraid of its power

I rememebr seeing it but God i don't remember it's look, it was a blur of motion and fell the man in one cleave, there wasn't even a sound

5:32 Terri: Nicole

Can you describe the one from the dream?

5:32 Eyeless Jack: Anything could trigger a flash for me

5:32 Nicole: The one with the gray hooded dude?

5:32 Terri: Yeah

5:32 Nicole: Well

MOnths ago I had this dream

It took place in my present day field behind my house where most of my fights take place

It was night and hallowed was holding me

5:32 Eyeless Jack: It's also important that Nikolai wanted this sword kept away from the enemy

Sorry. Continue

5:32 Nicole: We were both on the ground but he was trying to hold me up

And he was crying and whatever

THere was a large sword in my chest

Hilt was blue

And just had all these crazy designs on it

5:32 Eyeless Jack: Fuck.

5:32 Nicole: The blade looked darker than the usual u would see

5:32 Eyeless Jack: I'll be back

5:32 And this is present day us


Let me know when u r

5:32 Eyeless Jack: My mind is locking up

5:32 Nicole: ?

5:32 Eyeless Jack: Usually means I'm about to pass out and see something I'd rather not

I'm gonna try to force it to happen

5:32 Nicole: Take ur time

-Five hour time skip until the conversation resumes-

10:32 Eyeless Jack:

I saw it.

The sword

Very clearly....

Every execution...

Every soul....

10:32 Nicole: Tell us?

10:32 Eyeless Jack: That was extremely stressful

10:32 Nicole: *hugs*

10:32 Eyeless Jack: I saw.. the ivichs

I know how we got the store


Fuck I'm so rattled

After I was pulled off of the cross

And I went to the ivichs

Instead of blueprints, I was their forgemaster

I forged that sword.

Ambrose used it in combat.

It was His.

I stole it when I defected from them

10:32 Nicole: ...I see

10:32 Eyeless Jack: So essentially we were executing the ivichs with their masters sword

This other presence though..

Ambrose didn't acquire the materials for the sword by himeself

Something or someone helped him and gave him them.

Which is why the sword could be described as out of the norm

Or unearthly

10:32 Nicole: Makes sense

10:32 Eyeless Jack: I wanna say this other presencs


Was "Him"

10:32 Nicole: The many?

10:32 Eyeless Jack: Yes

Another thing

Ambrose was most definetly not human

10:32 Nicole: He said this remember?

10:32 Eyeless Jack: That means you managed to kill him when he was inhuman

10:32 Nicole: He said I wasn't human at a time either

How long ago do u think this was

10:32 Eyeless Jack: Best I can tell, pre 1400's

I couldn't give you anything other than an estimation of a guess of the timeframe.

10:32 Nicole: Whatever u can give is great

10:32 Eyeless Jack: It bothers me that I worked for a few hours and then say there for two and a half hours reliving these moments

With so little info to come out of it

10:32 Nicole: ?

  • pats ejs back*


11:10 Terri: Can you say what it looks like?

11:10 Eyeless Jack: Not really specific.

11:10 Terri: Anything would be nice

11:10 Eyeless Jack: It's an unnaturally dark blade

11:10 Terri: Alright

11:10 Eyeless Jack: I made it so you'd think Id know


11:10 Terri: XD

11:10 Nicole: ecks dee

11:10 Eyeless Jack: Unfortunately everything went by so fast

There might have been blue

11:10 Terri: Wouldn't this mean the clones would be thie time's Demon Sword

11:10 Nicole: If it's the sword from my dream I'm not gonna b happy

11:10 Terri: It probably is

11:10 Eyeless Jack: Depends

Was it blue around the hilt?

With intricate carvings on it?

11:10 Nicole: Da

11:10 Eyeless Jack: I made those carvings

11:10 Terri: Da?

11:10 Nicole: In the dream as I already said

The sword was in my chest

It's present day me

And hallowed took it out and went to confront the guy who more than likely put it there in the first place

11:10 Eyeless Jack: I don't think that's a sign of what's yet to come

11:10 Nicole: I hope not

11:10 Eyeless Jack: I think it's a sign of what could've happened

11:10 Nicole: Been killed with it?

11:10 Eyeless Jack: Yes.

Which would've been bad

11:10 Nicole: Ow

11:10 Eyeless Jack: Because demon sword

Consume soul

11:10 Nicole: Being stabbed in general is bad

11:10 Eyeless Jack: No bueno

We're talking about the literal consumption of your soul

11:10 Terri: What do you think happened to the weapon

11:10 Nicole: But yes it being a soul sucking demon blade is bad

It probably still exists maybe

11:10 Terri: If I was me

11:10 Eyeless Jack: OMG

11:10 Nicole: I mean something tht big can't just disappear

11:10 Eyeless Jack: GUYS


11:10 Nicole: Aye?



11:10 Nicole: SUCK IT

11:10 Shystar500: time to google "old demonic sword"

11:10 Terri: I'd seal it n shit, or break it somehow, or create-





11:10 Eyeless Jack: Nikki. Omg. This Is news. 

It also means


11:10 Eyeless Jack: I'm not completely worthless

11:10 Nicole: Ej u were never worthless