The first laptop that IM STILL ALIVE had in the war was previously that of her neighbors, who gave it to her when they got a new one. It was received back in late 2011 and wouldn't be used for Wikia until December 9th, 2011. That is the date she found Wikia.


Exact replica of her laptop

The laptop didn't last for very long. It lasted just a little over a year or two. Sadly, Nicole had no screenshots to put out for proof on a lot of the war from when she was younger. The laptop lasted throughout the entire first war, and ended up having to be smashed by approximately the month of April in 2013, as it had been beyond repair.

It had ended up being completely inaccessible and tampered with by presumably the Ivichs. The reason it had to be smashed is because nothing was known about these Ivichs at the time. Nothing could be risked.