After all of September Silence and Wikia War 2 were over among other things, the Wiki was beyond fixing or any further purpose. There were rarely any lingering Ivichs coming to the chat anymore. The feeling of danger was still there, yet there was little to nothing left to show it.

IM STILL ALIVE ended up making a blog and a thread announcing the Wiki was possibly going to get shut down. The new Wiki was already made and linked in advance to anyone still out there. It suddenly turned into a race to get off the Wiki completely.

It wasn't just any race to see who would have the benefits of seeing the new Wiki in its early stages. It was a race for everyone's lives. A literal life race. We did our all to help, we left as many messages as we could, we did our best to raise attention to everyone there to get out. There was just a small outcome of it. 

The only users who made it were: IM STILL ALIVESnapstablookMaskedManClausAlphaguyEyeless JackCommon FoundationMasterSkymningGood Tails DollLeapord, and Damon Salvatore173.

The Wiki was never shut down, so there was really no deadline that was put out. The request was denied. However, there was something else.

Ivichs were waiting for a majority of users to be gone if they hadn't disappeared by September Silence. Whoever was left was bound to disappear for good. The users were begged to come back over and over, yet there's been no response. Users who still even sign up under that Wiki are never heard from again. Same day creation/edit, they're gone. It's unknown what's happened to them, but they've more than likely been "dealt with".

We believe the race to evacuate is over. Everyone and anyone who hasn't already evacuated or is unaware where they're at will no longer be able to be talked to ever again. Still, the Wiki may get shut down out of more requests in the future.

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