"Positive in power."
— Leapord

Leapord is a bilingual user who joined the HB Wiki on October 8th, 2014. Nobody quite knows where she came from or how she got there, but it was clear she had no bad intentions to any of the users. She is thought to have come from Community Central like most users at the time have.

Leapord was a shy and slightly confused user. She did not seem to understand English very well, which was later proven when she revealed she came from a Hispanic family. 

Later, Leapord confessed to MaskedManClaus that she has feelings for him. Claus was not interested and did not feel the same. This drove Leapord nuts. She did not understand why Claus rejected her feelings. Thus resulting in a mental breakdown and a fit to all the users.

After several weeks, Leapord was still torn about the rejection and decided to take it out on any users she could get to. This resulted in a temporary chat ban. After she came back, she started spewing out how she was going to join the Ivichs. Everybody knew the Ivichs would not take the likes of her, but since such a saying is still highly offensive, she was banned for good.

Later in 2017, Leapord came back hoping to go back with a clean slate and have a final chance. As there was a lot of thinking to do, it took a while to accept Leapord back in. The votes came back positive with some hesitation with the chances she never changed at all.