Missing users are people who have been in a Wikia War and have not returned. Typically these people are best assumed dead, or "absent" due to scarring events or are in a long time mental recovery. Some disappear without explanation as well. While it's sometimes unknown what happened, there's a good idea of their wearabouts. This list may be added to, as well as you may include a short description/close estimate as to what happened.


  • HeyMrDJ- Suicide
  • 3Jamie Fox3- After her Wiki got closed down and after interviewing two Venkons , she disappeared. It's assumed she just left.
  • SkyFall77- Executed
  • EmoGamer- Is alive, but has left Wikia due to everything that he witnessed.
  • Ragnar Lothbrok- Killed in an attempt to help Nicole.
  • Reinforced Cookies- Went insane and went right off the radars after snapping.
  • HiddenMachine96- He left after the first Wikia War when the Ivichs first arrived. Things got too out of control and he ended up having to leave everyone. While he is still active on Wikia, he wants absolutely no connection with any Venkon.
  • TheMemeMaster- Possibly killed in an uprising.
  • IM STILL DEAD- Nobody knows or has any traces as to what happened to this Ivich.
  • LizVirs- Randomly ended up disappearing after hearing about what she walked in to. She arrived mid-war and was not heard from after.
  • Elegy Phantom- Isn't much of a Wikia user anymore after what came between Nicole leaving as ILCP and arriving. It's unkown what happened between those months.
  • Jareck*sss- Possibly suicide or quit. His mental state wasn't the best.
  • HackRUS47189039485- An Ivich that got into a fight with SkyFall77 and never came back. Yes, Ivichs fight each other too over power.
  • Illusions and Fear- Never came back to Wikia after the Venkons took care of him.
  • ???- No traces or estimates on his absence.
  • ΘΣ- He had helped between the mid-second Wikia War and Ambrose's arrival. He never came back one day and hasn't been heard from since.
  • Lasifer- He ended up losing his whole mental state and personality after Wikia War 1. Since then, he hasn't come back.
  • It's In Your Bloodstream. A Collision Of Atoms.- An Ivich killed in attempt to escape/help the other side.
  • Madnesscrazy- He too changed after Wikia War 1. He became less and less social and active before completely disappearing without saying anything.
  • Maxdubiachi- He was active on Wikia for a while, just a little under a month. After Nicole told him what was going on, he never came back...even though he wanted to help.
  • Aphelion112- Helped in Wikia War 1 and left abruptly, never heard from again.
  • Katy...Perry- Same as 6Lorde6's incident.
  • DEFAULT- An Ivich worn down and beaten by the Venkons. He never returned after.
  • Tyler.brown.372661- A real life friend of Nicole who left and was never heard from after. None of her friends who knew him even have heard from him since.
  • Sabrina900- Randomly went missing. No traces.
  • MasterSkymning- Went crazy after Wikia War 2 and was never heard from again.
  • Jorge Esquivel- A really close friend to Nicole who went missing shortly before Wikia War 2.
  • Kururu117- Had originally been helping the Venkons until MaskedManClaus drove him away by pure hatred. Ever since then, hes been gone.
  • XxDawnShadowsxX- Killed
  • Ego sum Tactica esse dux captus- Nothing known.
  • Octado- Disappeared after Wikia War 1.
  • Lasmoore- Had his account permanently disabled after Wikia War 1.

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