Loyal is a person who is unquestionably connected and giving their constant support to a side. They differ from a Supporter because a Supporter may change at a time and they still may just turn around and leave the war in total. Loyals are those that are very indulged in the war and provide the best. Loyals are also already members of the side they are loyal to.

You can only be loyal to one side and no others. Being loyal to more than one defeats the purpose of this title. A person who is a loyal to a Venkon may switch side and become loyal to an Ivich instead. An Ivich can also drop their loyalty to their side but is not allowed in the Venkon Army.

These people are very good at informing and guiding the new people that stray across this Wiki or are interested in hearing more. They've taken the time to memorize and read about it.

Being a Loyal is a good indicator you may belong in the loop. It does not guarantee placement in the loop and is only a possible sign. 

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